Clémentine Petit Grain Organic 100ml Aromatic Hydrosol

Citrus clementina petit grain
Usage: For combination and oily skin care, acne Helps rebalance skin and scalp, regulates perspiration.
Properties: Purifying, cleansing, powerful appetite stimulant, calming for the nervous system and emotional rebalancing, promotes sleep, combats stress and tension, soothes and reassures the heart.

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Name: Clementine Petit Grain.
Botanical Name: Citrus clementina petit grain.
Extraction Method: Hydro distillation.
Distilled Part: Young branches, leaves, and small fruits.
Plant Origin: Corsica.

Consult a healthcare professional for advice.

Our Commitments: All our aromatic hydrosols are 100% organic, pure, natural, complete, and unaltered. Obtained simultaneously with essential oils during distillation, aromatic hydrosols have very interesting properties without the contraindications and risks associated with essential oils.

Our aromatic hydrosols come from endemic plants cultivated in parcels of Cap Corse, respecting nature, the plant, and human beings. This is why we are Ecocert certified. Products from wild harvesting adhere to the "Charter for the Harvesting of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in Corsica." Other essential oils sold on our website are also from organic farming.

From one year to another, the composition of aromatic hydrosols varies because the conditions in which the plants grow are never identical. The chemical composition of the hydrosol in your bottle is therefore unique. It is available upon request; send us an email in the "contact" tab to obtain it.

Appearance: Clear liquid.
Color: Colorless.
Scent: Fresh, herbaceous, green to woody.
Use: Suitable for mixed and oily skin, acne. Helps rebalance skin and scalps, regulates sweating.
Properties: Purifying, sanitizing, a powerful appetite stimulant, calming to the nervous system, emotional rebalancing, promotes falling asleep, combats stress and tension, soothes and reassures the heart.
Packaging: 100 ml spray mist bottle.

Storage: Our hydrosols are sensitive to pollution; they are fresh and pure products, without preservatives. Therefore, it is advisable to store them in the refrigerator (to limit temperature variations) and tightly closed, and to use them within 6 months after opening. If you notice a change in appearance or odor, do not use your hydrosol anymore.

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